Reframing the Question

How can a designed intervention in a computer mediated activity create an increase in humanized interactions during the workday?

Areas/Questions for narrowing the study:

1. What is the designed intervention?

  • within the computer interface
  • within the surrounding environment
  • within a software interface/online
  • using tangible interface
  • using biofeedback
  • analog intervention
  • series of interventions which are opt in only
  • social interventions
  • self initiated/system initiated/ triggered?

2. What computer mediated activity?

  • What activity or task, you can do millions of types of tasks on the computer
  • What are some traditional or reoccurring tasks which could benefit from humanizing
  • Which part of that process might you intervene?

3. What does humanized interactions mean? ***

  • Humanized might refer to voice, gesture, or other embodied communication between human and computer, what else?
  • What types of interactions are appropriate, and for which tasks?
  • What are people’s tolerances for current or new interactions
  • Are there struggles in the current workflow that these interactions might aid?
  • Identify, project, and build upon technological trends

4. Which workday or workplace am I talking about? ***

  • Find examples of workplace models: creative, corporate, small business etc.
  • What kind of job (data entry, creative, freelance etc) or job satisfaction (bored, overworked, passionate/committed, etc)
  • What is the future of work? (Can you be an advocate for a future landscape? ie Dunn & Raby)
  • Can you build on trends of future work and work environments? (Studies by Roger Martin)

*** seems like a good place to start


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