Possible Sources: Designing Futures

Stuart Candy: Experiential Scenarios

This conference: a futures-oriented public discussion process, called “Hawaii 2050” presented four examples of futurecasting scenarios. Instead of presenting videos or presentations- as we have in this studio, they created role plays of four possible futures.

All the conference attendees were broken up into four groups and participated in one of the four scenarios but were not informed as to which story they would experience.

Dunn & Raby: Design for debate

Bio notes from Innovations Forum

His work with Fiona Raby uses design as a medium to stimulate discussion and debate amongst designers, industry and the public about the social, cultural and ethical implications of existing and emerging technologies.

Blogger  notes on talks at Innovations forum: It’s not about making technologies more useful and beautiful but about trying to understand the social, cultural or ethical effects of these technologies.

Potential of design to help facilitate a debate about the kind of future we want and the kind of products and technologies we want. How are new technologies going to affect the way we live?

To engage with this, i guess design will have to evolve in different ways: new roles, new uses for design and also new methods to deal with that.

It’s not about trying to predict the future and get into forecasting but simply about trying to move upstream and not waiting for science to become technology and then products and then design at that level. It’s about trying to think about new possibilities while we are still at a scientific stage and design in a way that might facilitate a public discussion about what we want.

From Adobe Interview:
Critical design does not answer these questions, but it does provide a way for the questions to be asked.


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